Monday, August 27, 2007

GPT (get paid to) Sites VS. Survey Sites, What's the Difference?

I am asked this question often so I thought I'd take a minute to explain the differences between GPT sites and survey sites. GPT sites act as a middle man between the advertiser and consumer.

The survey's you'll find on GPT sites are typically thinly disguised sales ploys. We've all seen them, most of us have even spent a few minutes filling one out. My email box is often filled with offers like these... "Fill Out a Free Survey to Claim Your Free Apple IPod" or "Win $500 In Groceries" only to finally realize that in order to actually get that Apple IPod you're going to have to sign up for several offers and get your friends to do the same. With all of the changes in the telemarketing industry over the past few years, the "No Call List" being the final blow, advertisers have had to come up with new more innovative advertising techniques, and this is a prime example of one of them. However, with all of the anti-spam regulations the problem then became how to get traffic to these "survey" sites. This is when GPT Sites stepped up to the plate. In exchange for supplying leads to these advertisers, they are given a commission, which they in turn share with us, the lead. Now instead of filling out a survey in hopes of claiming my Apple IPod I am paid by the GPT Site to fill out the survey. Basically I am being paid to be a lead, doing the very same thing I used to do for free. I am also paid to refer others to GPT sites. This works for all of us, the GPT Site owners are paid, my referrals are paid, their referrals are paid, I am paid, we're all happy. GPT sites list all of their offers and tell you what you'll be paid for completing each offer. To get started earning money with GPT Sites check out one of my favorites, Cash Crate. For a full list of GPT sites visit My Website.

Unlike GPT sites which are basically paying you to be a lead, survey sites conduct market research. You are paid to give your opinion about products and services that you have used, or that you may use in the future. Occasionally you'll be asked to become a part of a focus group. Also unlike GPT sites, survey sites don't have a list of surveys for you to choose from. When first signing up at survey sites they'll ask you a series of questions to gather information that will be useful for market research. When they have a survey that fits your demographics they'll email you and ask you to participate in that particular survey Survey's you complete for market research pay anywhere from a few dollars to $50 but aren't as readily available as the offers on GPT sites. This is one of the survey sites that I do well with. It's a good example and they pay you $5 to sign up - Panda Research. If you plan to take surveys to add some extra income each month I highly recommend signing up for several survey sites. In this way you'll get more survey offers. Here's a list of some of the survey sites I belong to:

Survey Networks
Neilson Ratings
Survey Team
ECN Research
Survey Payoff
The Net Panel
Panda Research


Anonymous said...

do you want to get your own GPT site?

Terri said...

I've thought about it, but I really don't have time to run my own GPT site.

Anonymous said...

well,create your own GPT website

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Mark said...

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