Sunday, July 22, 2007

How to Choose a GPT Site

With so many GPT sites out there how do you know which ones are right for you? Should you sign up for them all and try your luck at recruiting new members to earn referral commissions? Or should you just stick with one or two GPT sites? It can become overwhelming, so I thought I'd tell you my theories on this and maybe that'll help you decide what's right for you.

I belong to 30 or 40 GPT sites. My decision to join so many GPT sites was based on the fact that I enjoy recruiting new referrals and helping people get started on their quest to earn money from home. Do I work all of these programs? No. But I do have them listed on my website,, and people do sign up for them from my site. I only actively promote a handful of these sites, but because I send traffic to my site, even though I'm not actively promoting these GPT sites, I earn $3 or $4 dollars a month from each one of them, netting me an average of $75 to $100 a month combined. Not bad money coming from GPT sites that I don't do anything to promote other than throwing a link up on my webpage.

Of the GPT sites that I have listed on my webpage I actively work 5 of them. The GPT sites that I personally work with are Gangster Greed and Cash Lagoon because they both pay daily, credit quickly, and are very easy to reach the minimum for payout ($10 for Gangster Greed and only $2 for Cash Lagoon). This is important to me for two reasons. First because it gives me "in between" money. I always have cash in between larger paychecks. Secondly it gives me plenty of opportunities to post my proof of payment on forums, bringing in more traffic to my website and therefore more referrals.

The other GPT sites that I like to work with are CashCrate because their daily surveys make it easy to earn money, plus in my experience with them they credit well. I easily earned $42 the first few days I worked with this GPT site. Fairy Tale Treasures because their GPT site offers tons of ways to earn money FAST - one page email / zip submits, a daily trivia game, daily survey which pays out a bonus $5 each month for completing 10 surveys that month, paid to click ads, and promo codes. And finally, the last GPT site that I spend my time at is My Cash Safari, because of their many MANY contests and promo codes.

Tomorrow I'll be talking about which GPT sites I recommend referring to easily build up your referral income and why I choose these particular GPT sites.