Sunday, July 8, 2007

Make $5 For Every Short Article You Write

There are so many ways to earn money on the internet through writing but one of my favorites remains MgrCentral. It was the first place that I was able to make money writing on the internet, so I just have a soft spot for them.... but then again, considering that I continually make money writing for them I don't think I'm being too biased. MgrCentral is my secret ace in the hole. Anytime I've felt discouraged about earning money online I just head over to MgrCentral, pop out a few articles, get paid for them and Wa-La, I get paid! Does wonders for those insecure moments.

You can easily earn between $300 and $450 a month at MgrCentral. First off, you need to know that they're not your typical content site. Secondly, you should know that they are the only paid membership site where I get paid to write that I belong to. Don't let that scare you off... You get a one month free trial before you have to pay anything. Write articles in that month and use your proceeds to pay the $29.95 membership fee for the next month and continue earning, or decide you don't want to, cash out your money and don't pay for the next money. They never ask for a credit card and you're never obligated to remain a member. In fact if you do choose to remain a member they don't make you sign up for autoship or agree to a lengthy membership. Just decide every month if you want to stay or not.

MgrCentral is is owned and operated by an Australian entrepenuer, Michael Russell. Michael's MPAM system (Massive Passive Advertizing Machine) first began as a traffic course, which later evolved to become MyProsperity Action Machine. The premise of MgrCentral is to help anybody start a successful online business. They accomplish this through a series of lessons that walk you step by step through setting up a niche website which they will even host for you. You do not have to participate in their course to make money writing for them, but if you have the chance I really recommend that you do. Making niche sites is a great way to earn A LOT of money, so if you're not already doing this you should check it out. But this post isn't about creating niche sites so I'll get into the meat of the post and tell you how to make money writing with them.

If not the most intriguing of the lessons, certainly the most profitable, at least in the short term, is their Make Money Writing lesson. You are given a very large list of available subjects. Simply choose one, write a short 500 word article about any aspect of that subject and submit it and you'll be paid $5. Not only will this site help you learn how to write good articles and give you tons of practice, but you'll also make money writing at the same time. What a great way to practice and develop your writing skills! Total win - win situation!

This is how it works

You can Go Here to sign up for a free one month trial.

After your account is set up and activated sign in. Look for the link on the left side under "Courses" that says "Income Streams". Now look for a link about half way down the page that says "Writing Articles". Scroll down about half way down the page again and you'll find an alphabetized list of subjects that you can make money writing about. Choose a topic and write an article that's at least 500 words long.

There's a link at the bottom of the page that says "Submit your Article here." Click that and submit your article. They'll notify you by email when you're article is accepted. To be paid for your article make sure and copy and paste their disclaimer (which you'll find under the alphabetized list of topics).

Write 3 articles a day 5 days a week and earn $300 a month.
Write 3 articles a day 7 days a week and earn $450 a month.

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