Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Secret Formula to Higher Referral Earnings

My last post (before the wedding post) I talked about my favorite GPT sites, and why they are my favorites. Today I wanted to tell you which GPT sites I promote most heavily to pick up referrals and why I’ve chosen these particular sites.

You can make some good money completing offers yourself, but you can earn SO MUCH MORE by finding referrals. In this post I’m only going to focus on why I choose the GPT’s that I choose to promote to maximize my referral earnings. Later this week I’ll be talking about how I’ve gotten enough referrals that I earn a good income every month without doing a single survey, so don’t forget to bookmark this blog and check back.

All GPT sites offer some sort of referral structure, paying you for referrals on anywhere from 1 to 5 levels. Some GPT sites pay 20% referral commissions but only pay on one level, where other pay less commissions per level but pay on multiple levels.

To make the most out of your GPT referrals you should be looking at striking a balance between the GPT’s that pay more but on only one level and the ones that pay several levels deep. The reason for this is that although you will earn commissions quickly from 1 leel referral structured GPT sites, they will also dry up quickly if you stop promoting it for any length of time. One level referral commissions are completely dependant on you supplying a constant flow of new referrals. This isn’t as hard as you may think… The GPT sites that offer the high 1 level commissions tend to also be the sites that either pay daily or weekly. These are VERY easy to promote.

I like to take my children camping several times a year and yet I know that if I take a few weeks off, when I come home my referral commissions from the one level structured GPT sites will have begun to plummet. This is why it’s so important for me to also promote GPT sites that offer referral commissions several levels deep. Once I recruit referrals on my 1st level many of them will go on to recruit referrals of their own, giving me second level referrals. As these referrals recruit new members, I gain 3rd level referrals, etc. It takes a little time to trickle down before I earn much on my 2nd and 3rd levels, but that’s ok since I’m also promoting the one level commission structured sites, where commissions come very quickly. By striking this balance I’m being paid quickly and steadily, but also building up residual income at the same time.

The GPT sites that I promote most heavily are pretty similar to the sites that I myself work at most. This is because these are sites that I no trouble recommending, they are sites that I believe in and who have paid me consistently and always on time. They are also sites that fit into my formula for higher earnings with GPT sites.
These sites are:

  • CashCrate because they offer daily surveys, making it easy for my referrals to consistently earn money, which by extension means that I am consistently earning money. My other motivation for choosing CashCrate to promote heavily is their incredibly high referral commissions. When you first start out they pay you 20% of your referral’s earnings and 10% of their referral’s earnings. You are also paid a $3.00 bonus for each referral that meets the $10 minimum payout. Once you reach 50 referrals you then earn 25% on your first level referrals. This is a very powerful referral structure.
  • Gangster Greed has everything that I look for in choosing a site to promote. They pay daily (this makes them very easy to promote), they have a low minimum to cashout ($10), and they have an extremely lucrative referral commission plan. They pay a high 25% 1st level commission and also pay referral commissions on unlimited levels. To learn more about Gangster Greed read my review.
  • CashLagoon – Another daily paying GPT site. I LOVE Cash Lagoon and so do my referrals! I get a continual flow of referral commission notices throughout the day and night. I just love seeing all of those “Cash Lagoon Referral Credited” subject lines in my email box! They pay 15% of your referral’s earnings.
  • Fairytale Treasures – They offer 4 levels of referral commissions. Because they offer so many options to earn money; daily surveys, daily trivia questions, one page email / zip submits, paid to click ads, promo codes, and of course offers.

  • DollarPays – This is a new site but I have included it in my top sites to promote for 2 reasons…. First because they pay daily, (all sites that pay daily are easy to promote), and second because of their unique commission structure. They pay .25 cents for each offer that your referral completes, this adds up very fast.

  • Cash4Cruises - Cash4Cruises is on this list because of their very, very lucrative referral pay. They pay 100% referral commissions…. 75% on your 1st level referrals and 25% on your 2nd level.

Cash4Cruises, Fairy Tale Treasures and CashCrate all satisfy my motivation to promote gpt’s that give me long term residual income while DollarPays, Gangster Greed and Cash Lagoon earn me money immediately. I have found this to be a perfect balance.
My next post will be about how to get referrals.


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this CashLagoon link takes me to cashcrate instead :)

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