Saturday, June 30, 2007

What Exactly Are GPT's

GPT stands for Get Paid To - As in Get Paid To take surveys, complete offers and try new products or services.

For years people have been filling out free surveys on the internet trying to make a few extra dollars. The problem with this has always been that there are so many scams out there that if you completed 10 surveys you were lucky if you were paid on 3 of them. This proved to waste more time than it was worth just to earn a few bucks. GPT Programs have put an end to this problem.

GPT Programs make their money through advertisers. Advertisers pay them to recruit new members to try their products or services. They act as a middle man between the advertisers and us. You sign up for free at GPT sites then browse their various offers, completing the ones that look interesting to you. Each GPT site lists their offers and how much you will be paid. To find out more about how GPT sites can afford to pay people to complete offers check out my article The Birth of GPT Sites.

Trials and Products

Freebies are 100% free and do not require a credit card. They are typically surveys, requests for more info, or signing up for a newsletter. These usually pay anywhere from $.10 to $3.00, occasionally more, depending on the offer you complete. The trick to making a lot of money on freebies is to move through a lot of offers quickly. Read m tutorial for tips on this. Trials are products or services that you are paid to sample or try. These are much more lucrative than freebie offers. The payouts are much higher, however they do typically require credit card number or a small fee up front. Again, read the tutorial to learn how to maximize your profits.

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