Sunday, August 5, 2007

Here Comes The Bride

This past weekend, was my oldest daughter’s wedding. Sorry I’ve been a bit scarce here on the blog. My daughter, Nicole and her new husband, Rodger, live in Minnesota but the wedding was here in California. Nicole planned her wedding but had to rely on those of us here in California to carry out her plans. Between wedding plans on top of taking care of my family, this past month has been pretty much a wash for me as far as work goes. Well... I shouldn't really say it was a wash, I did earn some good money last month, but I didn't get as much work done as I would have liked. I'll be posting my July earnings report here later today.
The wedding was wonderful! I have to admit that I’m looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule again now though. I’m in the middle of a great book, “Total Money Makeover.” I’ll be reviewing it as soon as I finish so check back for that.

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