Monday, October 15, 2007

Visualization - The Key to Achieving Your Goals

There is absolutely no better way of staying focused than by setting goals and there is no better way of achieving goals then by visualization. Visualize exactly where would like to be this time next week, next month, in six months, or in a year. Now find a way to remind yourself of what you’re working for, a way to keep a visual account of what your ultimate goal is. For me it’s becoming completely debt free and I’m doing this so I can afford more for my family.

Once I clearly defined my goals I held a family meeting and had each of my children write down one goal they have for their future and what they will need to accomplish it. One of my children wants to become a photographer, to accomplish this she needs a camera and she would like to take photography lessons. Another wants to become a gymnast, she needs gymnastic classes. I have 10 children so I won’t list all of their goals, but you get the idea.

On the wall in my home office that I face as I’m working, we put together a huge collage. In the center I have a debt chart where I’m keeping track of how much debt I pay off each month and how much closer that brings me to my ultimate goal of becoming debt free. Surrounding my debt chart is a picture of each one of my children, next to them is a picture they chose to represent their goal. This visual presentation not only gives me a constant reminder of what I’m working for, it gives my entire family a reminder of why Mom is working so hard. By doing this they all feel that they are a part of our home business and take their roles as helpers very seriously. I’ve noticed since I implemented my visual presentation my children interrupt me less often during my “business hours,” they have become more self sufficient, and they help around the house more, and I get more accomplished.

Focus - Visualize - Accomplish!

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