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GPT Tutorial

Before you start completing offers I highly suggest spending a little time getting set up. This might seem tedious but in the long run it will save you an enormous amount of time and frustration. There is a lot of information in these tutorials. Don't worry if it seems overwhelming at first. Just start out slow and before you know it you'll be a gpt expert!

Set up several junk email addresses. Freebie offers will result in a TON of junk email. You won't want these clogging up your personal email account. While filling out surveys and freebies you will want to change your email address often so that survey companies recognize you as a different user. (Don't worry, the administrators encourage this as it will help increase your approval rate). There are numerous survey companies that host many different surveys. You may fill out several surveys hosted by the same survey company. They won't necessarily recognize that you are filling out separate surveys and may think that you are cheating. For this reason it is important that you change email addresses often. Some people recommend that you change your email account for each and every offer that you complete. I don't believe that's necessary but you should make sure and change your email address when you are filling out surveys from the same company. The problem of course is that it can become extremely time consuming to open all those new email accounts. Here is the solution:

Open an email account at Gmail. Create an email account with the maximum number of characters (which is 30), by combining words and names until you reach the full 30 characters long. Gmail allows the use of periods in the address. Doing this keeps the address valid but makes it appear as a completely different email address.
When completing offers place a period in your email address, moving the period when filling out each new offer. ie: If your email address is each of these addresses will appear to be a unique email address, however they will all be delivered to the same address at

Once you have placed a period after each letter in the email address, add another one, like this:

In this way you'll be able to utilize the same email address over 100 times.

Download Roboform. This is an AWESOME time saver! Roboform stores all of your frequently used information then fills out your registration and checkout forms with one click of a button. It also creates passcards, storing your usernames and passwords allowing you to sign with a click of a button. Download the free version. You can upgrade to the paid, more customizable version if you find you'd like to store more passcards.

Sign up for a free voicemail box at Filling out freebie offers will result in a barrage of telemarketer phone calls. Having a free voicemail box allows you to sign in online to listen to your messages at your convenience instead being bombarded with sales calls on your home phone.

Addendum: Many people have been having trouble recently finding a phone number in their area code through Private Phone. If they don't have a number for your area code try this site: Aim Phoneline.

Download CCleaner. It's free. This will help you to clear your cookies quickly. For more information on the importance of cookies check out the cookie tutorial. Keep ccleaner open and use it to clear your cookies between each offer. To clear your cookies simply click "Run Cleaner." Keep in mind that when you clear your cookies it will usually clear your log-in cookie as well, which will log you out of the GPT website that you are working in. To prevent this from happening open ccleaner, click "Options" then "Cookies." The box on the right is your "Safe Box." Click on the GPT site url in the box on the left and add it to your safe box on the right. This will prevent you from being logged out every time you clear your cookies.

Sign up for a free Paypal account. Many GPT Sites will give you the option to be paid by check, some by WebCertificates, almost all of them offer payment through Paypal, and some ONLY offer payment through Paypal. Paypal is quick, safe, easy and convenient. To accept Paypal payments you will need to make sure your Paypal account has been verified. To do this you will need to link your Paypal account to your checking account.

General Tips
To maximize your profits and to ensure you receive the highest possible approval percentage on your completed offers follow these steps.

Use your main email account when signing up for GPT sites. You want them to be able to contact you when they're running a hot offer or important notices.

If you have a web accelerator turn it off.

Never use false information when filling out offers or surveys. This will get you banned from GPT sites.

Don't try to work every GPT site you find. Sign up for several, then work with them for awhile. You'll find that a few of them will become your favorites. Concentrate most of your efforts on those. However, get ALL of your referral links out there. Just because a GPT program didn't work well for you doesn't mean it won't become someone else's favorite! You can earn referral commissions even if you aren't actively working a site. There's nothing cooler than coming back to a GPT site that you haven't signed into for a month, to find that your referrals have earned you $20!

Offers can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to credit, so if one doesn't credit right away don't panic! Just keep checking back.

Most GPT Sites only allow U.S. Citizens to complete offers, however many do allow international members to earn money by referring other members. Check individual GPT Sites for more information. One GPT site that I am aware of that allows international users to complete some offers is Instant Profitz

All GPT Sites that I am aware of allow only ONE account per household. This does NOT mean one account per computer. GPT sites regularly check IP Addresses. If they find more than one account on a single IP Address both (or all) accounts will be deleted and you will lose all money earned. DO NOT sign into your account using anyone else's computer and DO NOT allow anyone else to sign into your account. Some sites will not mind if you simply check the status of your account from another computer but others do. Just stay on the safe side - only sign into your account from your own computer.

Remember to check your inbox at each GPT Site. Site owners often post promo codes - these are codes that when entered give the first X number of people an extra dollar or extra points. Site owners also often post deals that are approving fast or high paying deals.

Use either Internet Exlorer or Mozilla Firefox to complete your offers. (Preferably IE) DO NOT use AOL or Netscape. They generate a non-static/dynamic IP address. This may cause the system to show you as having multiple accounts, which is against the TOS at all GPT sites. This will result in your account being frozen and most likely completely deleted, in which case all your earnings will be forfeited.

Accept all cookies. This does not compromise your computer's security. For more information about cookies read the Cookie Tutorial.

To accept all cookies in Internet Explorer:
On top of the browser click on "Tools" and then "Internet Options"
A new window should pop up. Click the "Privacy Tab," there should be a bar under "Settings," lower the bar to "Accept All Cookies."

To accept all cookies in Mozilla Firefox:
On the top of the browser click on "tools" and then "Options."
A new window should pop up. Click the "Privacy" and then the "Cookies" mini-tab. Make sure the "Allow Site to Set Cookies" box is checked and the two boxes below are unchecked. Also, make sure they setting "Keep Cookies" is set to "until they expire."

Disable all Pop-Up blockers. This will not compromise your computers security. To turn off your pop-up blocker in IE:

To disable Pop-Up Blockers in Internet Explorer:
If you have installed Service Pack 2, then you have a popup-blocker in Internet Explorer. To turn it off, click on Tools in the menu, then click on Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab and uncheck Block Popups.

To disable Pop-Up Blockers in Mozilla Firefox:
Go to Tools, then Options. Once the Options window is open, click on Web Features. Next, UN-Check the Block Popup Windows Box. Click OK at the bottom to accept the changes.
You will need to submit a W-9 tax form at each GPT site once you reach $600 in any given year. At the end of the year they will report your earnings to the IRS. When completing your taxes GPT programs are considered "misc. earnings". Contact the IRS for more information on how income from these programs will effect your filing status.

Freebie Tips
Freebies are a great way to start out. These are various offers that do not require a credit card, making them completely risk free. There are MANY free offers that pay anywhere .40cents to $6.00 (occasionally more). These typically involve requesting more information about a product or service, requesting a free life insurance or auto insurance quote, asking for more information about a home based business, etc. As I said, this is a great way to start out. Once you seen how quickly you can earn money you may choose to venture into Trial and Product Offers, but initially starting out with freebies is a great, risk free way to learn the ropes. Here are some tips to help you get started and maximize your profits.

BIG TIME SAVER --> Some surveys have lists of offers that you need to click yes or no that seem to go on forever! To save time and answer NO to every offer on the page press ALT and the = button. This will fill in all of the radio buttons with NO.

Make sure to read the instructions carefully at whatever GPT site you're working with. Most will typically give instructions on what you need to complete to earn your reward. Some require you to complete the survey, others only require that you enter a phone number. If you fail to read the instructions you may end up spending 5 minutes on a survey that you could have received credit for just by submitting your email address.

All About Cookies - Read the tutorial. I can not reiterate enough how important cookies are to your approval ratings. Make sure to read this tutorial to find out why.

Clear your cookies in between EVERY offer that you complete (but NOT during)
Since many surveys are owned by the same company, and therefore considered to be in the same "family". When completing these it's important to use a different email address.
NEVER pay to do surveys! Any website that asks for money to take surveys is a scam. And NEVER pay for survey lists or ebooks that tell you how to earn money taking surveys. You don't need to pay for that information. If you don't find all the information you need on this website (for free), just email me and I'll either be able to answer your question or find the answer.

Joining GPT forums is also a great source of information. Google it. You will find TONS of GPT forums.

Leave your survey window open for a few minutes after each offer to make sure you get credited properly.

I'm not comfortable giving out my social security number online so I skip the offers that require a SS number. That's a personal choice - you'll have to decide what you're comfortable with.
Don't complete a large number of freebie offers all at one time. Do 10 to 15 of them at one sitting then come back later to do more.

Some free surveys ask if you'd like to sign up for trial offers like Netflix or Blockbuster, etc. Don't do this! If you'd like to try these offers complete them through a GPT site where you'll be paid to try them.

Many surveys have an asterisk next to several of their survey questions. These are the questions that have to be answered in order to complete the survey. Save time by only answering the questions with asterisks.

How Long Is Long Enough?
Many survey's lead you to believe that you need to complete seemingly endless pages to receive credit, but who wants to spend15 or 20 minutes on a survey only to earn .40 cents to a dollar? On many of the free survey's all you need to do is submit the second page (which contains your email address, phone number, etc). Other survey sites do require that you complete several pages, but not all, and some require that you reach the end of the survey. Many GPT sites give you clear instructions on how far you need to go on any given survey to receive credit, however for those GPT sites that don't this guide will help you save time by knowing just how far you need to go to complete an offer. Until you become familiar with these I highly recommend that you print this list out and have it handy for easy reference while filing out freebie surveys. Click Here to open a new window containing this list.

Big Buck - Continue the survey until you see the message in black at the top that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully..."

Brand Survey Panel - Submit 2nd page

Consumer Beat - Continue the survey until you see the message in black at the top that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully..."Consumer Expression - Continue the survey until you see the message that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully..." There will be an additional survey beneath this message. You do not need to do the underlying survey.

Consumer Promotion Center - Submit the second page.My Elite Rewards - Submit 2nd page.My Insider Deals - Give your info and choose an offer on the 2nd page. Submit, and your done.

My Select Gifts - Submit the 2nd page.

Opinionnaire - Continue the survey until you see the message in black at the top that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully..."

Opinion Direct - Continue until you see the message in black at the top that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully..."

Rewards Gateway - Submit 2nd page.Survey Networks - Continue the survey until you the message in black at the top that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully..."

Winning Surveys - Continue the survey until until you see the message in black at the top that reads, "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully..." (I've actually had these surveys approve after the 4th page, where it asks about your housing 'own, rent, etc.' You may want to experiment with these. Complete a few of these through the 4th page and see if they credit. If they don't credit for you, you'll need to continue these until you reach the "Thank you...." message.)

Trial Offers and Product Trial Tips
Although you can definitely earn several hundred dollars a month filling out Freebie Offers, you can really kick up your earnings by completing trial offers and product trials. The key to making a lot of money with these is organization, organization, organization. Oh, and did I mention ORGANIZATION?

Trial offers and product trials require little or no money up front but do require a valid credit card or debit card number. As long as you cancel the trial before the trial deadline your card will not incur further charges. If you fail to cancel before the deadline you are basically agreeing to continue with the service and giving the company permission to charge your credit card a fee, usually on a monthly basis but this can sometimes can be weekly or annually.

Keep accurate records. This will prevent unwanted credit card charges. It will also help you in the event your offer fails to approve. In that case you'll need this information to file a manual credit request. There are three ways to keep good records.

1) Some people like to keep a notebook on their desk to write down pertinent information about each off they complete.

2) Print out the confirmation page and/or the TOS page of each trial you participate in. Make sure it includes the phone number, email address or url to cancel. Write the date you'll need to cancel by on the top of the page for easy reference. File them in a file folder. I keep two file folders, 1 for trial offers I need to cancel, the other for the ones I've already canceled. I file them in order of cancelation date so I can easily pull out the ones that need to be canceled each day.

3) I prefer using Excel. By using Excel I'm able to quickly sort by my "Cancel Date" field. This makes it fast and easy to check every morning for any trial offers that need to be canceled that day. Or if I don't remember if I have completed a particular offer, I'm able to sort by the "Company Name" field to quickly and easily find that information. If you aren't familiar with Excel, Fear Not! Video Professor will gladly come to the rescue! (You'll find great trial offers for Video Professor at most GPT sites.)

This is the information that I keep on each trial offer that I complete:

The GPT that I did the offer through

The company name

Company email address

Company phone number

Any other contact information I find on their website

The date I signed up for the trial

Trial length and date the date to cancel by. The general rule of thumb I use is this: on a 7 day trial I cancel on day 5, on a 10 day trial I cancel on day 8, and on a 30 day trial I cancel on day 25.

Fee for activation or Shipping and Handling charges if that applies. For example: You may want to try a weight loss product which is free but requires you to pay $3.95 for S&H
Reward for completing the offer - Using the example above you would earn a reward of $19.00 for trying the weight loss product.

My net earnings for this offer. Again, using the above example my net earnings would be $15.05. You will want this information for a few reasons:

To keep track of all of your expenses so you have a clear idea of how much money you are actually making.

For tax purposes. The GPT site will be sending you a payment of $19 for this offer but you really actually made $15.05. You certainly don't want to pay taxes on the entire $19!
Monthly or weekly fee if you fail to cancel.

The actual date you canceled on.

The name of the person you spoke to.

Cancel confirmation number.

If this all looks a bit overwhelming to you don't panic! You'll have the hang of it in no time! It only takes me a few minutes to look-up and record all of this information. Not bad for a net profit of $15.05!

TIME SAVER --> If writing your offers in a notebook or tracking them in excel don't appeal to you there is another option. For each offer that you complete simply print out the terms and conditions page. This will have all the information you need on it to be able to cancel. Write the date the trial ends on the top of the page, and also the GPT program you did the offer through. Keep your pages in a file folder, filing them by date, with the earliest dates in the front of the file.
Never repeat the same offer at different GPT sites. Keep track of your offers.

When you do trials make sure you do not cancel before you have received the product, or before logging into their website and taking a closer look at what your membership involves. You are supposed to complete offers that you are legitimately interested in. This is absolutely not hard to do... with the hundreds of offers, products and services listed on GPT sites I never run out of things I am truly interested in finding out more about. By participating in product trials I'm able to try out scores of products and services not only for free, I actually get paid to do it! Not a bad way to earn extra money! When you do an offer and cancel before receiving the product then this lets the advertiser know that you only did the offer for the incentive. The advertiser can revoke your earnings.

Although I have never personally had a problem using my credit card many people prefer using a prepaid Mastercard or Visa giftcard for any offer that requires a credit card. You can buy these at Wal-Mart, CVS, Longs, etc. But I have found the most convenient place to order one is online at I DO NOT recommend pre-paid credit cards as they often allow insufficient charge purchases. Unlike prepaid credit cards, prepaid gift cards can not be recharged so they need to be replaced after they've been used up. This is a very minor inconvenience when you consider the amount of earnings you can achieve using these cards and the fact that this all but eliminates any risk of being charged any unauthorized charges. Purchase a Simon Gift Account and have it delivered via postal mail within 7 days for $6 or purchase a virtual card which will be delivered via email within 24 hours for $2.

Important Note About Pre-Paids--> Recently there has been quite a bit of debate about the use of Pre-Paid credit or debit cards. Many advertisers are STRONGLY recommending to the GPT site owners that they not allow their subscribers to use pre-paids, even to the point of not paying people that are using pre-paids. This has forced may site owners to mark people as cheaters and close their accounts if they use a pre-paid credit card. This problem has arisen as a result of many people using pre-paids irresponsibly. Often people use their pre-paid knowing that when the trial expires they can't be charged any fees, so they never bother to call and cancel their trial. If you do use pre-paids USE THEM RESPONSIBLY. Also, MANY gpt sites have now revised their TOS and will close your account if you use a pre-paid card. Don't risk losing your account. Make sure you read the TOS at EACH site you plan to use a pre-paid at before using it.

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